Fairfax WorldWideSM (formerly Allied WorldWide) is our transformed multinational services platform that combines a global network of companies, a dedicated team of professionals, and a customer-centric approach to deliver policy placement and administration services across the globe. Our platform offers an unprecedented level of collaboration between Allied World and other Fairfax insurance companies. Fairfax WorldWideSM provides customers the breadth of choice and depth of knowledge they expect and want in a global insurance partner.

Why Fairfax WorldWide?

Your Underwriter is Your Single Point of Contact
Boutique level service with the security of a global financial conglomerate
Customizable Insurance Program
Flexible and nimble; ability to tailor your program
Global Capabilities with Local Claims and Underwriting Expertise
Expertise providing you support as it relates to country specific laws and placements
Specialized Resources Dedicated to Multinational Placement Services
IT, Finance, Legal and Compliance all work together to help place business seamlessly